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2024 Overset Grid Symposium

October , 2024
Dayton, Ohio, USA

About The Symposium

The 16th Symposium on Overset Composite Grids and Solution Technology will take place at the Sinclair Community College Ponitz Center in Dayton, Ohio on October 7–10, 2024.

This international symposium provides an open forum for communication among mathematicians, scientists, and engineers from academia, industry, and government. The technical organization is informal, and only oral presentations are required. The goals of the symposium are to:

  • Communicate recent work, new research ideas, and work in progress
  • Exchange ideas involving overset grid technologies, including unsteady and moving body problems, and emerging hybrid strategies
  • Provide an opportunity for interaction between researchers, developers, and practitioners
  • Improve individual performance and understanding of overset technologies via many tutorial sessions and technical presentations.

Evening Events

There will be evening events at the Sinclair National UAS Training and Simulation Center and the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. More details to follow.

Key Dates

The technical format of this event will be a day (Monday) devoted to tutorial sessions and three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) devoted to technical presentations with question and answer sessions.

TBDRegistration Deadline
07 October 2024Tutorial Day
08–10 October 2024Presentations

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